Multirole Development Engineering Ltd press release

On the 16th of April we received an “out of the blue” enquiry from a new customer for a ventilator gas flow measuring head. The initial enquiry was for 1,000 parts, based on one of our existing element sizes but using the dimensions to fit the customers ventilator.

A quotation was soon provided and accepted and an order placed; the pro forma invoice was paid so we had work to do!

It was necessary to procure the precision stainless steel strip, from an existing supplier and they came up with the goods in double quick time, duly collected on our own transport and one box ticked.

We were concurrently talking to the machine shop guys at Rowan Precision, to finalise the design and detailed drawings, so that they could get on with making the aluminium housings, the customers external mounting requirements were used along with the internal dimensions needed for the precise flow measurement our products are known for.

The first 200 machined and anodised parts were soon ready for collection and by 5th May the first batch of 200 finished assemblies were ready to ship. Our initial estimate was to have those ready by early in the second week of May so we made up nearly a week on that! The remaining 800 will be finished by the third week in May.

This has to rate as a pretty good turn round in anyone’s books; particularly given that we are working under difficult conditions as far as suppliers factory staffing levels are concerned.

A fine example of how a British company can; with the vital assistance of other British companies, rise to a challenge when presented with one.