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Sliding Head Machining | For Accurate Complex Turned Parts

Accurate complex components produced on Swiss style sliding head lathes.

Sliding head lathes are highly accurate and consistent multi-axis CNC machines capable of simultaneously processing turned parts. The range of machines allow us to produce parts up to a diameter 32mm quickly, accurately and efficiently. Right quality, right time, right price Get in touch
Sliding Head Machining

Complete Manufacturing Solutions

Whether your requirement is simple or complex, Rowan have a solution for you. Our engineers are experienced with a wide range of materials, from straightforward mild steel and aluminium, to tougher aerospace grade stainless steels, titanium, tungsten and plastics such as Acetal and Nylon.

Our typical quantity range is 25 to 250,000, and we can offer a KANBAN service where required to reduce the pressure of stockholding larger volume requirements, whether that is individual components, kits or full assemblies.

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  • Complex parts finished in one operation
  • Machining a wide range of materials
  • Low and high volume machining
  • Components, kitting and KANBAN options
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With over 30 years of experience, in a wide range of industries, the team at Rowan Precision can deliver all your order requirements and those of your customers.

Requirements for the part detailed have strict requirements on;

  • tensile strength
  • cleanliness
  • material hardness
  • packaging requirements
  • tight tolerances
  • finish

These require the close attention to detail that Rowan Precision can offer.

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