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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Of Components

Green Cleaning

Rowan Precision are aware of both our environmental responsibility and the need to maintain excellent results for our customers; hence, we invested in the new MecWash Aqueous Ultra Sonic Cleaning Plant. The aqueous degreasing system from MecWash provides a solution for the most demanding cleaning application for which solvents have previously been considered the only option. Get in touch

Complete Manufacturing Solutions

By harnessing the high thermal energy of boiling water, our new Aqueous Degreaser from MecWash Systems effectively cleans and degreases the parts that normal aqueous systems, and in some cases solvents cannot. The machine has already proven effective at removing some of the most difficult and tenacious contaminates including resins, greases, NDT inks, zinc stearate, lapping pastes and polishing components.

  • Solvent free cleaning
  • Removes difficult contaminates
  • Recycling water
  • Environmentally friendly
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Our state of the art machinery enables Rowan to clean to aerospace standards, ensuring straight forward assembly and minimal lead times for finishing.

Clean parts mean clean packaging, ensuring effective recycling of materials.

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