Rowan Precision have been awarded multiple orders by Multirole Development Engineering

These are vital parts for a medical ventilator are used to measure the flow of gas to the patient, be that air or oxygen enriched air.

These units will be fitted with a stainless steel internal measuring element, which laminarises the gas flow through the device. The great thing about this device is that the output readings are directly proportional to the flow. Other techniques, such as orifice plates, follow a square law in their output characteristics with reduced discrimination at lower flow levels.

The threaded holes are fitted with pressure tappings, allowing differential pressure readings to be taken using a very sensitive pressure transducer which are then fed back into the system to allow the flows to be controlled.

The data supplied by the sensor is also used to plot the graphs on the display of the ventilator. By monitoring the flows precisely and calculating the times, a true figure of the volumes can also be derived.

This is the forefront of making parts for life supporting equipment for which the urgency and importance cannot be over stressed!

Multirole Managing Director, Paul James has sent “A big thank you to you and all the staff at Rowan … for rising to a challenge!!”